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Decentralized System

DIGIBLOCK is a decentrailized blockchain POA, POS, POB based EVM with a high speed and zero gas fee.


Blockchain Wallet

Safe and transparent, the decentralized wallet that puts your data & assets in your own hands with multi-blockchain networks supported, this is where you explore various NFTs, DeFi protocols, and DAOs.



Trade, earn and build on the leading decentralized crypto trading protocol.


You can swap $DIGI token anytime

Trade any crypto on the secure, safe and decentralized platform on BNB Smart Chain in seconds, just by connecting your wallet. Users can buy, win, farm, spend and stake on Swap.

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    Default Transaction Spped
    Slippage Tolerance
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Slippage Tolerance Auto

Crypto Mining

Invest into crowd funding mining platforms and earn directly into your crypto wallet, directly to your wallet.

Latest Technology

We make use of the most advanced Artificial Intelligence Systems which are trained to check the market for the most profitable investment packages

Certified Experts

Aside from our computers, we have a team of Certified experts with 15-35 years’ experience in investment and portfolio management.


Go deep into the Virtual world, Buy digital Tokens, NFTs directly from our system.

Ultimate Metaverse

Blockchain provide you best services

Our metaverse blockchain is a blockchain-based virtual world or platform where users can interact with each other and digital objects in real-time. It is a decentralized platform that uses blockchain technology to provide a secure and transparent infrastructure for a virtual world.

In a metaverse blockchain, users can create and control digital assets, including virtual currencies, digital collectibles, and other forms of digital property. Transactions can be recorded on the blockchain, which provides a tamper-proof and transparent ledger for all participants.

In addition to providing a secure and transparent infrastructure, a metaverse blockchain can also enable a range of decentralized applications and services. For example, users can access decentralized marketplaces for buying and selling digital assets, engage in decentralized gaming, and participate in social networking and other activities.

The concept of a metaverse blockchain is still relatively new, and there are several blockchain-based metaverse projects in development that aim to provide users with immersive, decentralized virtual experiences. These platforms could have a significant impact on various industries, including gaming, social media, and e-commerce, by offering new ways for users to interact with digital content and each other.


$DIGI token supply and blockchain information

Supply & Price Information
Initial Supply : 1000000000 $DIGI
Public Sale : 300000000 $DIGI
Public Sale price : 1000000 $DIGI / BNB
Launch Price : 700000 $DIGI / BNB
Token Information
Token Name : DIGIBLOCK
Network : Binance Smart Chain ( BSC )
Token Symbol : $DIGI
Max Supply : 1,00,00,00,000 DIGI
Decimals : 18
Tax Reflection : 6/6
BLOCKCHAIN Information
Consensus : HPOS
Performance : 100k TPS
Compatible : EVM “Ethereum Virtual Machine”
Crosschain : Supported
Token Contract : Supported
Smart Contract : Supported
Smart Contract Type : ERC20 & BSC20


Silver staking plan

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Gold staking plan

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Diamond staking plan

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Your Keys
Your Coins

Multi-chain, non-custodial, NFT Integrated, communications empowered web3 wallet. Send/receive funds, buy and store NFTs, BTC, ETH, BNB, BUSD and more, and all Chains digital assets in a non-custodial blockchain wallet.


Phase 1

Telegram Launch

Twitter Launch

Website development


Fair Launch



1,000 Holders

Phase 2

Whitepaper Release

Staking & Farming

4-5 Tier-2 Cex Listings

Global Partnerships

Certik Audit

Wallet Launch

ETH Bridge

Global Marketing

Phase 3

Community Airdrop

Website Redesign

Swap Launch

5-6 Tier-1 & 2 Cex Listings

Billboards, Celebrities & Press


P2E Game Release

10,000 - 15,000 holders

Phase 4

Global Staking Platform

Blockchain Testnet

Aggressive Global Marketing

Top 10 Cex Listings

Blockchain Mainnet

Major Buyback & Burn

Global Partnerships

50,000+ holders

Phase 5

Coming Soon...


$DIGI is a Binance Smart Chain token with 1B total supply.